14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with our hosting services, we will offer a re-fund less any Paypal transaction / refund fee's 14 days from the first monthly payment made by the client / member, This offer does not apply to any other services offered by Shared Hosting UK.

New Orders

All new orders are subject to automated & manual security checks. Please allow up to 24hrs, until such time, all orders are placed in the 'Pending' status.

Hosting Plans

To use any of Shared Hosting UK's hosting plans, clients / members need to have registered a domain beforehand where they can edit the nameserver / dns settings at the registrar to point at Shared Hosting UK's servers, once done, please allow up to 48hrs for DNS settings to fully propagate.

All sites hosted by Shared Hosting UK from 19/07/2017 are now placed on our VPS servers. All clients / members will get the cpanel console with CGI access only. 


Once a domain name has been pointed at Shared Hosting UK's servers and the DNS settings have fully propagated, please allow up to 24 hrs for the AutoSSL feature.

Ip Addresses / Blacklists

Please note that ip addresses can appear on email ip blacklist checks from time to time. We can ask for these to be removed by various lists but generally this is just part of the hosting industry. We do not give any re-funds wotsoever if this is the case.

Cancel Services

If for any reason you need to cancel your services. No charges will be made. Services will continue for 30 days after the last monthly payment was made.


All billing is provided via a secure https connection, Shared Hosting UK will cancel services if no payment is received from the client / member 7 days after an invoice is due. All data on the associated services including backups will be removed.

Support Requests

To be fair on both sides. Worst case scenario for replies at busy times please allow up to 12hrs.

Wordpress Install

Please note this free install service is only offered with one of our hosting plans. Domain required and DNS settings need to have fully propagated before we install. The latest available default version of wp will be used. This addon does not include setting up wordpress or adding any themes, pages, plugins in anyway.

Wordpress Services

Must be a website hosted on our servers, Does not include adding any content, text or images. The woocommerce plugin does not include adding attributes, downloads, locations, pricing, shipping classes, options, zones or methods or any other settings wotsoever. Other free and or paid plugins may need to be used, in such cases, extra fee's will apply to the client / member. Time frame for completion depends on client / member needs.

Allocated Storage & Bandwidth

All shared hosting accounts come with a pre-defined amount of web storage & monthly data transfer (Bandwidth), once the allowed storage has been reached, from this point a client / member will not be able to upload any more files/images and so on unless the client / member clears space by removing unwanted files/images. Once the allowed pre-defined amount of monthly data transfer (Bandwidth) has been reached, a site will display the 'Limit Reached' warning, this will reset 31 days from the last payment made by the client / member.


Unfortunately Shared Hosting UK can not guarantee 100% service level, this is due to factors that may be out of our control, in such event, Shared Hosting UK will not be held liable for any loss of earnings / funds / sales for any reason wotsoever.


We DO NOT allow the following on our servers - 

  • Strong adult content, pornographic or sexually-explicit images of any kind is forbidden.
  • File sharing / copyright infringement pirated or "Nulled" software.
  • Sites that gather data for the sole purpose to commit fraudulent activities.
  • Send unsolicited or bulk email, otherwise known as "SPAM”.
  • Participate, commit or attempt involvement in any malicious attack.
  • Distribute malware. Examples include worms, trojans, viruses, keyloggers.
  • Host, download or engage in peer-to-peer activities.

Any clients of Shared Hosting UK found to be participating in above will result in immediate suspension and possible account termination without notice.

Scripts, Software, Databases

It is the sole responsibility of members / clients of Shared Hosting UK to keep all scripts, software & databases kept up to date. Not doing so can result in vulnerabilities causing data loss and interruption of services.


It is the sole responsibility of members / clients of Shared Hosting UK to keep regular backups of all content & data know as scripts within folders, files, databases, images, webmail and so forth (Although we do make a backup once a week, Not daily).

CPU & Server Resources

Shared Hosting UK reserves the right to suspend and/or refuse service to those who consume excessive CPU and/or Memory on Shared Web Hosting servers which are affecting the availability to deliver service to other members / clients.


The client / member agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Shared Hosting UK harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable legal fees asserted against Shared Hosting UK that may arise or result from any acts or omissions of the client / member, employees or assigns in connection with their use of the Services offered.


This Agreement will be governed by and construed, interpreted in accordance with the law of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
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